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Volume 4 No.2, Spring 2001

ISSN# 1523-9926


Guest Editorial

A Quick Death for an Old Friend
Baldwin, Wesley L., Ball State University, Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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Miscellaneous Thoughts About MET Topics
Ed Gohmann - Purdue University School of Technology at New Albany


Refereed Works

A Contemporary Pre-College Science and Engineering Program for Girls
Anwar, Sohail - Division of Business and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State Penn State Altoona - Altoona College

Cascaded Common Emitter Swamped Amplifier Experiment
Chitsaz-zadeh, M.R. - Engineering Technology Department, Community College of Allegheny County, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Using the TMS320C31 DSK To Teach Micro Processor Principles
Blanton, Wm. Hugh and Mark Rajai - East Tennessee State University

A Header Error Control Circuit For ATM Transceivers
Koukos, Antonis K. - Technological Educational Institution of Chalkis,
Electrical Engineering Department, Psahna, 344 00 Greece  

Two-Stage FET-BJT Transistor Amplifier Experiment
Huffine, Bill - Electronics Engineering Technology, University of  Southern Colorado


Velocity and Acceleration Analysis Using A Constraint-Based Design Tool
Chen, Daniel - Central Michigan University


Review Procedure Copyright Information Author Biographies



Wesley L. Baldwin
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Alan M. Leduc
Assistant Professor
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Assistant Editor
Scott Warner

Assistant Professor
Technology Education

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