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Volume 5 No.1, Winter 2003

ISSN# 1523-9926


Refereed Works


Remote Data Acquisition for Quality Control Active Learning
Temple, Richard - Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina



Determination of Lithofacies from Well Logs:  Using Unsupervised Neural Network Model

Malki, Heidar A. and Anwar, Muhammad S., University of Houston



Case History: Application of Frequency Analysis and Resonance Testing

Denton, Nancy L. and Knight, Kevin, Purdue University


Automotive Evaporative Emissions Systems

Schager, Martin and Darby, Ron, University of Southern Colorado



Application of the General Four-port Second-kind Current Conveyor for Universal Filter Design

Vrba, Kamil  and Čajka, Josef , Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic



Converting M-Files to Stand-Alone Applications

Bachnak, Rafic and Lee, Roger, Texas A&M University-CC

Review Procedure Copyright Information Author Biographies



Wesley L. Baldwin
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

David M. Hua
Assistant Professor
Computer Technology

Assistant Editor
Scott Warner

Assistant Professor
Technology Education

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