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Authors submitting works for publication to the TECHNOLOGY INTERFACE must agree to the following conditions:

1.1 This website is in the publication of copyrighted materials [the Work]. There is no charge for this online journal and no payments are made for publications.
1.2 The author(s) of the article(s) (the Author) retain all rights of their submissions.
1.3 The website publishers (the Publisher) wish to acquire and the author(s) wish to grant to the Publisher an exclusive license to distribute the Work.
2.1 The Author grants to the Publisher an exclusive, non-transferable and worldwide license to display, distribute and reproduce the Work via this website.
2.2 The Author shall retain sole ownership of the Work.
2.3 The Author grants permission to the Publisher to archive the Work.
3.1 The Author represents and warrants that to the best of the Author's knowledge, Author is the sole and exclusive owner and author of the Work except for such portions for which permission has been obtained and that the Work does not infringe any existing copyright or trademark and does not contain any libelous or unlawful matter or infringe any person's right to privacy.
3.2 The Publisher hereby warrants that it is an online journal dedicated to disseminating the Work for non-profit, scholarly and educational use.
3.3 The parties acknowledge that neither party shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or any other damage of any sort under any theory of liability whatsoever
3.4 This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Publisher and Author with regard to its subject matter and supercedes all other oral and written agreements and understandings relating thereto.

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Dr. Fritz Dolak
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