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Volume 3 No.2, Spring 1999

ISSN# 1523-9926


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Integrating Activity and Competency based Instruction into an Introductory Mechanical Engineering Technology Design Class
Houdeshell, James J., Sinclair Community College

Refereed Works

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Computing Azimuth and Elevation Angles with JavaScript
Beasley, Jeffrey S. and Joseph T. Page II, New Mexico State University

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Using Engineering Software to Teach Electric Power Distribution
Shaalan, Hesham,
Georgia Southern University

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Hydraulic Jack Laboratory Experiment, Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency
Ricketts, Paul H., New Mexico State University

Simulating the performance of an Air Handling Unit on a Psychrometric Chart
Meredith, David B. and Mark W. Meredith, The Pennsylvania State University


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Wesley L. Baldwin
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Alan M. Leduc
Assistant Professor
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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