Volume 2 No. 2 Winter 1998

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Articles Appearing This Issue

Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Challenges and Barriers
to Implementation
(16 kbytes)
Linda Ann Riley and Leon Cox

Generation X at Technical College (29 kbytes)
Charles R. Thomas
An Appealing Applet (13 kbytes)
Kang Sun
Introducing the World Wide Web and HyperText Markup Language (7 kBytes)
Donald E. Coho
NETSCAPE e-mail Tutorial (114 kbytes)

Recursion (20 kbytes)
Thomas Jenkins
Common Source JFET Amplifier Experiment (11 kbytes)
Bill Huffine
Getting Started With Altera VHDL a tutorial exercise (87 kbytes)
Jeffrey S. Beasley and William B. Hudson
Sample VHDL Routines (2 kbytes) TechTips
Application of the Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
to Voltage-controlled Amplifiers and Active Filters
(65 kbytes)
William R. Grise'
A Study on use of Waterjet in Construction (14 kbytes)
Amit Bandyopadhyay and Michael Geraghty
Newtons, Slugs and Kilograms Force (13 kbytes) TechTips
Ed Gohmann
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