Volume 1 No. 4 Summer 1997

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Introduction to QS9000 (10 kbytes)
J. Eric Reed, Trintus T. Smith and Eyler R. Coates
Security Technology

Security Engineering - A Discipline Whose Time Has Come (8 kbytes)
Mary Lynn Garcia
The Advantage of Multiple-Zone Metal Detection Over Conventional Single Zone Detectors (60 kbytes)
Derek R. Barker
Fingerprinting - an Emerging Technology (9 kbytes)
Debbie Salter
Law Enforcement 10-codes, Phonetic Alphabet,
& Criminal Codes
(41 kbytes) TechTips
Jeff Tang

An Approach Toward Developing A Construction Program Option Within the Civil Engineering Technology Curriculum (21 kbytes)
Sonya Cooper

Jack's and Sam's Science Fair Project (100 kbytes)
David Pippen
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