Volume 2 No. 4 Fall 1998

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Articles Appearing In This Issue

A Development of an Interface Design Alternative for Pneumatic Desgin Circuits (106 kbytes)
Ahmed Elsawy and Veekit O'Charoen
Senior Design by Web (115 kbytes)
James Bartlett
Industrially-Sponsored Senior Projects (77 kbytes)
David Roth and Robert Light
An Approach to Introduce Engineering Technology to High School and Junior High School Students (27 kbytes)
Charlie P. Edmonson
Technical Organizations, Association, and Professional Societies (17 kbytes)
Paul Ricketts
Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA) for synthesis of voltage-controlled active-filter tuned oscillators (83 kbytes) William R. Grise

Design and Construction of an 8088-based Single Board Microcomputer: A Student Project (397 kbytes)
Ahmad Zargari and Michael Combs
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