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Manufacturing and the Internet
An Information Guide for Professionals in Manufacturing Organizations
by Richard G. Mathieu
Engineering & Management Press, Norcross, GA, 450 pp
ISBN 0-898806-164-4 $34.95


n the modern, fast changing world of manufacturing and manufacturing education one of the most difficult activities is keeping up with the fast pace of change. The speed of change makes modern communication methods essential in trying to keep up with the ever changing information. In a new book,Manufacturing and the Internet , Richard Mathieu has put together a world of information on manufacturing available on the Internet, starting points for locating further information, and information about the Internet itself. Two goals are set forth in the the Introduction: to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to manufacturing resources on the Internet; and to identify strategic opportunities for the Internet in manufacturing. These are not only met, they are exceeded.

Manufacturing and the Internet is an easy-to-read and extremely functional book. Mathieu keeps information on a level where all interested in manufacturing, or manufacturing education, and who have access to the internet now have a valuable collection of resources as to where even more information can be found. The sources shown lead to facets of information in all areas of manufacturing. The Chapter on Artificial Intelligence and Operations research in Manufacturing, for example, sets forth 23 WWW references and information about these references, while the chapter on Quality Management Resources shows similar information about 36 different information resources.

Who Should Read Manufacturing and the Internet?

While this book was written for professionals in a manufacturing organization, educators interested in manufacturing related topics will find this book a valuable resource. The needs of both the novice Internet users and experienced Internet users seeking to improve their Internet productivity in manufacturing and business are served by this book.

"The Internet is changing the way that people in manufacturing organizations
do business."
R. G. Mathieu

Manufacturing and the Internetprovides an extensive, hands-on understanding of the tools, skills and business concepts necessary for becoming a proficient Internet user. Techniques for accessing people, data, software, documents, and multimedia resources through the World Wide Web are shown through the extensive "Close-Up" sections highlighted throughout the book.

Among the valuable features of the book are: a comprehensive guide to manuacturing resources on the Internet; how manufacturing organizations are using the Internet for strategic advantage; saving time - techniques and tricks for searching the Internet; guides to free manufacturing-related software ans shareware; avoiding information overload; organizing your desktop; configuring your browser for multimedia; creating a presence on the Web; the Web Server; and manufacturing issues on the Internet - security, legal, and ethical.

A comprehensive 39 page cross-referenced index is, perhaps, one of the more valuable features of the book. Each Internet resource in this book is cross-referenced according to discipline(s), industry, and function.

Other Available Resources

Richard Mathieu, who can be reached by e-mail at, is also publishing a Manufacturing and the Internet Electronic Newsletter in an effort to keep readers up-to-date and also cover new manufacturing resources and other manufacturing-related Internet information, he offers to all who subscribe by e-mail:
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"One thing is certain about the Internet:
it is constantly changing."

R. G. Mathieu

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A Few Final Words

This book provides the highest level of practicality for both manufacturing practitioners and educators. The references found here, collected and organized in an extremely logical manner, would take many hours of web-surfing and searching.

Manufacturing and the Internet will be used in many manufacturing-related mechanical, production, industrial engineering, industrial engineering technology, and industrial technology programs as a valuable resource for both faculty and students. It will always be by my desk and computer terminal as a primary reference for access to manufacturing information for practice, teaching and research.

Hanson is Chair of Engineering Technology
at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA