Minimum UNIX TechTips
from the Technology Interface
ls          listing of files in current directory

ls -F       list and distinguish between files and directories

rm          remove file

mv          move file (rename)

cp f1 f2    copy f1 to f2 [cp f1 . -same name]

cd (cd~)    home directory of login user

cd ../       up one level

cd ../xx    change to xx at same level

cd x/x/     change to given directory

pwd         print working directory

who         who is on the machine

w           who is on the machine and what are they doing

mkdir xx    creates sub-directory xx

rmdir       removes sub-directory xx (must be empty)

more        types by pages

h           history

!!          repeats last command

!n          repeats command n

^c          kill a job

^z          halts a job

fg          brings halted job back to foreground

bg          puts job in background

ps          process status check

logout       will log out if there are no stopped jobs