Minimum Windows 95
Minimum Windows 95 TechTips
from the Technology Interface

prepared by

Andy Garcia
Department of Engineering Technology
New Mexico State University

Ctrl-Alt-Del Reboots the computer
Alt-TabTo switch between running programs
Ctrl-XTo quickly cut an object or destination
Ctrl-C To quickly copy an object or destination
Ctrl-V To quickly paste an object or destination
Ctrl-F4 To close the current program
Ctrl-F6 To switch between documents in the current program
F1 Display Help for currently active application
Tab Jump clockwise
Shift-Tab Jump counter-clockwise
Enter Jump to help or pop-up explanation on selected hot spot
Alt-Esc Switch to the next application
Alt-Tab Switch to next running application in forward order
Alt-Shift-Tab Switch to next running application in reverse order
Alt-Esc Cancel the Alt-Tab switching process
Alt-F4 Quit a running application or close a window
Del Delete a character to the right of the I-beam
Backspace Delete a character to the left of the I-beam