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Volume 3 No.3, Fall 1999

ISSN# 1523-9926


Guest Editorial

The Impact of Accreditation on Faculty
Baldwin, Wesley L.

Letters to the Editors

Symbols in Technology
Widener, Ed - Purdue University

The Editors

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Job Opportunities for Engineering Technology Graduates 
Gabriel D.  - Department of Engineering Technology, Central Connecticut State University

Systematic method of using a calculator to convert “fractional” values to other number systems bases.
Franz, Harry - UHD - Houston, Texas

Center for Reconfigurable Machining Systems: A Model Program  
Tomovic, Cynthia L. - Purdue University

Software Review

Review of CurrentMAKER Version 2.5
Hochman, Stanley

Refereed Works

The Engineer 2000
Globig, James E. - Engineering Technology, University of Dayton

Changing with Technology: A look at the impact of change on technical education  
 Kraebber, Henry  - Purdue University, School of Technology

Safety with Electricity
Lunt, Barry - Brigham Young University

Applications of Switched-Capacitor Circuits in Active Filters and Instrumentation Amplifiers  
Grisť, William R. - Department of IET, Morehead State University

Teaching I/O in Preparation for a Manufacturing Capstone Course
Tisdale, Eric  - Ball State University

Incorporating CAD Analysis Tools into the Mechanical Engineering Technology Curriculum
Cole, William E. - School of Engineering Technology, Northeastern University

Review Procedure Copyright Information Author Biographies



Wesley L. Baldwin
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Alan M. Leduc
Assistant Professor
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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