Volume 3 No.2, Spring 1999

ISSN# 1523-9926

Letters to the Editors

Jeff Beasley of New Mexico State University founded the Technology Interface in the Fall of 1996 and served as editor through the Winter of 1999.  Jeff selected Wesley Baldwin and Alan Leduc of Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana to serve as editors beginning with the Spring 1999 issue.

Spring 1999 issue you say;  this is July and July is hardly Spring.   As might be expected with any change over, particular with a project that is pushing the edge of technology, Wes and Alan fumbled once or twice after taking the hand-off. However, we hope that you find the end result worthwhile.

The Technology Interface has a slightly new look. The Technology Interface website has been reworked into four sections:

The editors believe that this format allows the Technology Interface to serve as both a dynamic web site which can be updated immediately (technology links) and a formal journal.

We have worked out many bugs in preparing our first issue and are sure that we will experience more in future issues. We wish to thank Jeff Beasely, our authors, and all of you for your patience will we put this issue together.

Please send your comments to the editors.  We look for to your applause and criticism. 

The Editors

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