Current Issue

Volume 22, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2021

Development of a Novel Embedded Systems Design Kit with Modular Interchangeable
Hardware Architecture

Gang Sun, Northern Kentucky University; Paul Simmons, Northern Kentucky University


A Laser Tracking System using Arduino and MATLAB
Hamid Tahery, University of Northern Iowa; Jin Zhu, University of Northern Iowa


Implementation of a Raspberry-pi Temperature Sensor and Smart Mirror-based, Display-unit Integration using Open Source Tools: A Capstone Project
Justin Hise, Bowling Green State University; Resmi KrishnankuttyRema, Bowling Green State University


Adapting Legacy Robotic Machinery to Industry 4.0: A Cloud-Based IoT Experiment
Hadi Alasti, Purdue University Fort Wayne


Designing a Smart Trailer System using Bluetooth 5 Beacons and a Mobile Application to Monitor a Semi-Truck Trailer’s Conditions
Evan McKague, Texas A&M University; Lauren Hale, Texas A&M University; Lance Decker, Texas A&M University; Ben Zoghi, Texas A&M University


Survey of and Best Practice Identification for Course Development and Integration of Technical Communications for Engineers
Alyson Eggleston, The Citadel; Robert J. Rabb, The Citadel


When History and Technology Education Meet
Cindy English, Millersville University; Alex Johnson, Millersville University; Justin Egresitz, North Carolina State University


The Need for Integration of Smart Glasses in Policing for the 21st Century:
Is the Technology There Yet?

David M. Scott, University of Texas at Tyler; Dominick Fazarro, University of Texas at Tyler