Current Issue

Volume 23, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2022


Editor’s Note: Ethics in Engineering Education
Philip D. Weinsier, TIIJ Editor-in-Chief
Developing an Educational Setup based on an Electromagnetic Linear Actuator
Maged Mikhail, Purdue University Northwest
An Affordable Home Alarm System Using Arduino Microcontrollers
James Holekamp, Martin Compnay; Clayton Vesely, Capitol Aggregates, Inc; Jeremy England, Weatherford, Inc; Iftekhar I Basith, Sam Houston State University
Challenges and Future Directions for Extended Reality-enabled Robotics Laboratories During COVID-19
Sara Masoud, Wayne State University; Meina Zhu, Wayne State University;
Jeremy Rickli, Wayne State University; Ana Djuric, Wayne State University
Ethics Cases and Technical Courses: Some Suggestions
Marilyn A. Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology
Increasing U.S. Competitiveness with Entrepreneurial-Minded Postdocs in High-Tech Startups
Teddy Ivanitzki, American Society for Engineering Education;
Rashida Johnson, American Society for Engineering Education
Smart Speakers: Can They Be Trusted?
Faris Sahawneh, Murray State University
Instructions for Authors: Manuscript Requirements 39