Welcome to the Technology Interface Journal, the online journal for the Engineering Technology profession serving education and industry. The Technology Interface Journal has been developed to provide professionals in the Engineering Technology profession and related fields, the opportunity to share ideas concerning teaching, teaching improvements, projects, industrial activities, research and much more via the internet. Your continued support of this project is greatly appreciated.

The Technology Interface Journal is currently seeking papers and TechTips for the Fall 2010 edition.

Submissions should be sent to Philip David Weinsier, Editor

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We also want to thank our past Associate Editors for their significant contributions to the success of the Technology Interface Journal .

Michael Morrell, Associate Editor
Farrokh Attarzadeh, Associate Editor for student papers.
Ali Mehrabian, Associate Editor for Book and Software Reviews
Wangping Sun, Associate Editor for Global Learning

Thank you,

Jeff Beasley, Founding Editor

List of Reviewers Spring 2010
Sanjeev Adhikari, Morehead State University
Tarig A. Ali, University of Central Florida
Yu Cai, Michigan Technological University
Kenneth V. Cartwright, College of The Bahamas
Li Chao, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Jack Christiansen, University of Houston
Alamgir Choudhury, University Kalamazoo
Richard Ciocci, Penn State University
Sonya Cooper, New Mexico State University
Samuel Cotton, Ball State University
Raj Desai , U.T. Permian Basin
Dave Domermuth , Appalachian State University
Barry Dupen, Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne
Charlie Edmonson, University of Dayton
Zarreen Farooqi, University of Akron
Joseph Fuehne, Purdue University
Harry Fox, Cleveland State University
David Gore, Middle Tennessee State University
Manny Gomez, New Mexico State University
Ghassan Ibrahim, Bloomsburg University
Thomas Jenkins, New Mexico State University
Ruinian Jiang, New Mexico State University
Richard T. Johnson, Ball State University
Ibraheem Kateeb, North Carolina A&T State University
Lynn Kelly, New Mexico State University
Kathleen Kitto , Western Washington University
Richard LeBoeuf, University of South Carolina Upstate
Albert Lozano , Penn State University at Wilkes-Barre
Alister McLeod, Purdue University
Mequanint Moges, University of Houston
Robert L. Mott, University of Dayton
Terrence O’Connor, Purdue Technology Center of Southeastern Indiana
Basile Panoutsopoulos, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Irina Demeshko Prosnik, Oregon Institute of Technology
Victor Raj, Murray State University
Guillermo Rico, New Mexico State University
Yeong Ryu, State University of New York
Aleksandr Sergeyev , Michigan Technological University
Hiral Shah, St. Cloud State University
Ahmad Sleiti, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Kenny Stevens, New Mexico State University
Wangping Sun, Oregon Institute of Technology
Li-Zhe Tan, Purdue University North Central
Shuping Wang, University of North Texas
W.R. Wieserman, University of Pittsburg at Johnstown
Don Wilcher, Hunter Fan Company
Faruk Yildiz, Sam Houston State University
Xiaojing (Jane) Yuan, University of Houston
Jin Zhu, University of Northern Iowa
Jinwen Zhu, Missouri Western State University


The Technology Interface International Journal (TIIJ) is the latest addition to the list of official journals of the International Association of Journals and Conferences (IAJC). IAJC is a ground-breaking, umbrella organization consisting of three official journals, several affiliate journals and number of other professional organizations.


TIIJ— formerly the Technology Interface Journal—has been publishing articles supporting the entire engineering technology community since 1996.  The substance of TIJ will continue its dedication to the broad field of engineering technology, while adopting the selective, peer-reviewed process used by IAJC for its other two journals:  the International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME) and the International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation (IJERI).  And starting with the fall 2010 issue, TIIJ will appear both in-print and online.


Like the other IAJC journals, TIIJ will be steered by the distinguished IAJC Board of Directors and be supported by an international review board consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known universities, colleges and corporations in the United States and abroad.  In order to maintain the high standards of IAJC, articles that appear in the TIIJ will have been subjected to the same rigorous review process. This includes blind reviews by three or more members of the international editorial review board, followed by a second round of reviews for revised manuscripts, and a detailed review by the TIIJ editors.



Philip D. Weinsier, Editor,

the Technology Interface International Journal (TIIJ)