Current Issue

Volume 19, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2019


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Transceiver Module System Design
Ben Zoghi, Texas A&M University
Improving STEM Recruitment through a Theme-Based Summer Residential Camp
Focused on Sea Level Rise

Vukica M. Jovanović, Old Dominion University; Balša Terzić, Old Dominion University; Mujde Erten-Unal, Old Dominion University; Victoria Hill, Old Dominion University; George McLeod, Old Dominion University; Michelle Covi, Old Dominion University; David Burdige, Old Dominion University; Jenifer Alonzo, Louisville Urban League;
Justin Mason, Old Dominion University; Tysha Batts, Old Dominion University; Cynthia Tomovic, Old Dominion University
Creating Custom E-Learning Applications for Engineering Technology Using the Shareable-Content Object Resource Model
Carl J. Spezia, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Garth V. Crosby, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Farhan Tabash, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Effect of Conversation on Driving: Towards Increased Mental Load and Virtual Lateral Vehicular Variation
Sylvia Bhattacharya, Florida State University; Shonda Bernadin, Florida State University / Florida A&M University
A Multi-Semester Project Linking Programming, Digital Design, and Microcomputer Courses
David J. Broderick, Central Connecticut State University; Adrian Felczak, Central Connecticut State University; Alexander Phillips, Central Connecticut State University
LON-CAPA: Finally, a Course Management System Suited for Engineering and Technology
Gene L. Harding, Purdue University
Assessment of an Integrated Engineering General Education/Senior Projects Course
Patricia Ryaby Backer, San José State University; Laura Sullivan-Green, San José State University; David W. Parent, San José State University