Current Issue

Volume 17, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2016

Introducing Engineering and Technology Majors to Nanosafety and Ethics
Dominick E. Fazarro, University of Texas at Tyler; J. Craig Hanks, Texas State University; Jitendra Tate, Texas State University; Walt Trybula, Texas State University
Integration of Industrial Projects into Engineering Education
Yaomin Dong, Kettering University
Process Simulations as a Best Practice in Lean Training
Michelle Brodke, Bowling Green State University-Firelands
A Comparative Evaluation of Printed Circuit Board Layout Software
Dylan L. Spradlin, Southlake Automation; Gene L. Harding, Purdue University
Smart-Grid Emulator with a Hardware In-Loop Smart-Meter Infrastructure
Uditha Sudheera Navaratne, Purdue University; N. Athula Kulatunga, Purdue University Northwest
Pathways from Community Colleges to Workforce and Academic Degrees through Stackable Certificates
Heidar A. Malki, University of Houston
University-Industry-Navy Collaboration in the Development and Delivery of an Additive Manufacturing
Short Course to Naval Personnel
Jennifer G. Michaeli, Old Dominion University; Justin Yates, Francis Marion University;
Michael Polanco, Old Dominion University; Gug Sretsy, Applied Systems and Technology Transfer;
Jack Scott, Applied Systems and Technology Transfer; Todd Coursey, U.S. Navy Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center
Do Certifications Make a Difference in the Recruitment of Graduate Students for Industrial Management Programs?
Mark R. Miller, The University of Texas at Tyler; E. Shirl Donaldson, The University of Texas at Tyler
New Capstone Design Course Combining Architectural and Engineering Aspects of Building Design
Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, University of California, Berkeley; R. Gary Black, University of California, Berkeley
Lean Agility at Scale: A Role for Strategy in Determining Performance
Andrew J. Czuchry, Sr., East Tennessee State University; Andrew J. Czuchry, Jr., ADP
Perceptions of the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model for Curriculum Development
Mark Doggett, Western Kentucky University; Muhammad Jahan, Western Kentucky University
Robotics and Automation Professional Development Workshop for Faculty
Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Technological University; Nasser Alaraje, Michigan Technological University
Technology Management as a Tool for Learning Outcomes Improvemenat
Irina Sergeyeva, Finlandia University, Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Technological University
Live Long and Prosper: A Robotics-Based Recruitment and Retention Program
Terry Marbut, Jacksonville State University; Jess Godbey, Jacksonville State University; Dana Ingalsbe, Jacksonville State University; Kelly Ryan, Robotics Education and Competition Foundation
Understanding the Physics of Water Rockets Using Wireless Sensors
Eunice E. Yang, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown; Brian L. Houston, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Low-Cost Solutions for Wireless Communication Systems for Undergraduate Engineering Technology Students
Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University; Vukica M. Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Ana M. Djuric, Wayne State University