Current Issue

Volume 17, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2017


 Design and Development of Mobile Geothermal Laboratory Equipment
Faruk Yildiz, Sam Houston State University; Keith L. Coogler, Sam Houston State University
 Teaching Critical Skills in Robotics Automation: Development and Implementation of an
iR-Vision 2D Course in Robotic Vision Systems
Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Technological University; Siddharth Parmar, Michigan Technological University; Nasser Alaraje, Michigan Technological University
 Real-Time Data Collection and Processing in Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems
Jean Jiang, Purdue University Northwest; Li Tan, Purdue University Northwest
 Student Reflections on an Engineering Technology Capstone Course: Technical, Team Formation,
and Communication Issues Dealing with Ambiguity
Anne M. Lucietto, Purdue University; Sergey I. Dubikovsky, Purdue University
 A Thermo-Fluid Curriculum for Engineering Technology: Learning Outcomes and Industry Needs
M Sean June, Christian Brothers University; Sudhir Kaul, Western Carolina University
 Optimization of a Pin-Joint Machining and Assembly Process
Dana Ingalsbe, Jacksonville State University; Chris Marker, Jacksonville State University
 Using Service Learning to Enrich Knowledge, Training, and Civic Responsibility for
Emergency Management Technology Students
Jessica L. Murphy, Jackson State University; Dawn Bishop McLin, Jackson State University;
Talya D. Thomas, Jackson State University
 Career and Technical Education and its Relationship to Engineering Technology Pathways in Marine Mechatronics
Vukica M. Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University;
Petros Katsioloudis, Old Dominion University; Ana M. Djuric, Wayne State University;
Mileta M. Tomovic, Old Dominion University; Thomas Stout, Tidewater Community College; Roger R. Lagesse, Granby High School
 Writing for Publication
Marilyn A. Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology
 Technology Management: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World
James N. McKirahan, Jr., Indiana State University; Austin Cheney, Eastern Illinois University
 STEM Outreach Efforts for Urban Students
Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University; Vukica M. Jovanovic, Old Dominion University;
Jennifer G. Michaeli, Old Dominion University; Stacie Ringleb, Old Dominion University;
Alok Verma, Old Dominion University
 Cost Estimation for Implementation of a B.S. Program in Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Mauricio Torres, Northern Kentucky University; Morteza Sadat-Hossieny, Northern Kentucky University
 Addressing Challenges for Teacher Preparation: Introduction of Engineering Concepts
to Early Learners in Elementary and Middle Schools
Tatiana V. Goris, Pittsburg State University; E. Shirl Donaldson, University of Texas at Tyler
 Information Security Risk Awareness Programs in K-12: Is This the Right Approach?
Syed Raza, Trenholm State Community College; Idong-Mkpong- Ruffin, Faulkner University;
Sajid Raza Walmart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, Arkansas; Ken Scott, Trenholm State Community College